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Coordinator: Jacob Mosser

Questions about the One Shot Competition?

John McGrath setting up the ladder for the "great turn"!


Cheryl Vossmer turning the trophy to the Ladies side which of course had 3 years of dust to be removed!



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One Shot 2022-2023

Presentation Director: Jake Mosser
Coordinator: Susan Mosser
Equipment: Rick Cloran


Recap of 2022-2023 competition: One of the most fun evenings was held on April 3 - our One Shot competition. This particular night had a lot riding on it - the women haven't won in three years and they were desperate to get the trophy turned around. A last minute surprise and a very encouraging display had Cheryl Vossmer appear in a red blow-up slinky type person! It was hilarious and got everyone in the mood for a rowdy evening. Which it was!!!!

A contest of 29 images between the men and women of the club. The women had a very strong start by winning the first four categories. The men then got a couple and a back-and-forth ensued. It was a respectable showing by both sides - tied three times during the evening. For the first time in a long time, the judges had to do a coin flip to decide which image was to get the nod. The Footwear category had each of the judges firmly planted in their decision on the winning image. The toss resulted in the Men's image carrying the day. At image 26, the score was tied. But the last three images WENT TO THE WOMEN!!!!

It was a very close evening. But the final score was Women - 16 and Men - 13. Congrats FINALLY to the Women! A good showing by everyone. Great fun was had by all. It was nice to see a full hall and lots of red worn by the women and sports paraphenalia worn by the men. Ladies - this year we did it! We were finally able to change that blasted trophy at the front of the hall!!!! Go ladies, go ladies, go ladies!!!

A special thanks to our judges: Mary and Fred Boucher, Merrimack Valley Camera Club members. Their bantering was hilarious! Thanks so much Mary and Fred!

Click here for some images from the evening. Thanks to Carolyn Livingston - our roving event photographer and Caroline Stella!

Thank you to all the cooks for such yummy looking items. Cooks were: Andy Gatchell, Chris Germain, Ellie Losee, Kathy Murphy, Jill Silvester, Carolyn Livingston, Catherine Doherty, Marilyn Cloran, Barbara Rozavsky and Andy Gatchell (yes a second dessert!!). The winner of the cook-off with the most tickets in their bag was Kathy Murphy's Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Scones. The dessert raffle raised $350 as a donation to the Sacred Heart Church for their community projects.

Thank you to: Jake Mosser for putting the show together and making all the titles images, Pam Lintner and Rick Cloran as projectionists, Dottie Beaudoin and John McGrath for the libations (buying & setting it up), Marilyn Cloran for handling all the aspects of the cook-off, the set up crew who set up the hall on the day before the competition: Ken Jordan, Peter Curcis, John McGrath, and Patrick Brosnan who set up his photo equipment and laptop to Zoom the night out to the membership and six other clubs, and a very special thank you to Chris Germain who went to the club early and handled all the food set up with the assistance of Barbara Rozavsky and Denise Benavides and keeping the table stocked as well as the coffee pots and everyone who helped to tear it down and set it back up for the next regular meeting.

Pam Lintner
for Roving Reporter, Susan who was too exhausted to write after all her visits to the fortune teller, tarro cards, eight ball, leprechauns, and looking for four leaf clovers.



2023 One Shot Images and Winners

Here are the categories, images submitted and maker names. Winning images are listed on the left side - 16 by the WOMEN!!!! Yea-ra-ra! Yea-ra-ra!! Yea-ra-ra!!!


Winning Images are
on the left

Title Images by Jacob Mosser

WOMEN: Nina Taggart

MEN: Nikolai Alexander

WOMEN: Linda Coviello

MEN: Bob Pelland


WOMEN: Brenda Driscoll

MEN: Ken Jordan


WOMEN: Pam Lintner

MEN: Larry Lessard


MEN: Ken Carlson

WOMEN: Kathy Murphy


MEN: Jacob Mosser

WOMEN: Carol Mills


WOMEN: Carolyn Livingston

MEN: Jim Gallagher


MEN: Andy Gatchell

WOMEN: Merle Gordon


WOMEN: Amy Musinsky

MEN: Gary Hoyt


MEN: Peter Curcis

WOMEN: Susan Mosser


MEN: Rick Cloran

WOMEN: Linda Gould


MEN: Patrick Brosnan

WOMEN: Eileen Marino


WOMEN: Ulrike Welsch

MEN: Tom Day


WOMEN: Judi Hoyt

MEN: Jack Holmes


MEN: Peter Miller

WOMEN: Gail Jenner


MEN: David Kourtz

WOMEN: Denise Benavides


WOMEN: Barbara Rozavsky

MEN: Harry Smith


WOMEN: Chris Germain

MEN: Philip Litch


MEN: Tom Sanchez

WOMEN: Janice Koskey


WOMEN: Karen Hosking

MEN: Larry Dunn


WOMEN: Debby Eskenazi

MEN: Dave Young


MEN: Tony Monteiro

WOMEN: Melissa Needle


MEN: Joseph Votano

WOMEN: Lesley Mattuchio


MEN: Kevin Tang

WOMEN: Doris Monteiro


WOMEN: Kelly Cook

MEN: Mike Bourgault

MEN: Jim Brady

WOMEN: Sarah Patch

WOMEN: Carol Cole

MEN: Dana Patch


WOMEN: Caroline Stella

MEN: Skip Hoyt


WOMEN: Joan Byington

: Tony Marino