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Coordinator: Jacob Mosser

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One Shot 2021-2022 (archives)

Presentation Director: Jake Mosser
Equipment: Rick Cloran


Recap of 2021-2022 competition: One of the most fun evenings was held on March 28 - our One Shot competition. A contest of 29 images between the men and women of the club. It was a respectable showing by both sides - tied three times during the evening. A couple categories had the judges really set firmly in their selections. Night Scene really started off the division - Shiv loved the women's traffic scene, Monica the ghostly man with a cane. The best line of the evening was Shiv's with "What does a skeleton need with a raincoat?" With Foggy, Shiv liked the men's shot and Monica liked the women's; Cityscape had Shiv liking the men, Monica the women; the Purple image was funny because Shiv liked the delicate single flower image saying "I bet someone like Skip Hoyt could do this shot." And in fact it was Skip's shot! Shiv doesn't like cats so those never won.

It was a very close evening. But the final score was Men - 15 Women - 14. Congrats to the Men. A good showing by everyone. Great fun was had by all. It was nice to see a full hall and lots of red worn by the women and sports paraphenalia worn by the men. Ladies - next year we are stepping up our game and changing that blasted trophy at the front of the hall!!!! Go ladies, go ladies, go ladies!!!

A special thanks to our judges: Monica and Shiv Verma, Greater Lynn members, who drove up from Wrentham. Their bantering was hilarious! Thanks so much Monica and Shiv!

Click here to see images from the evening. Thanks to Carolyn Livingston - our roving event photographer!

The Dessert Cook Off was a little different this year as everyone got 10 raffle tickets for attending. But none were for purchase.

Thank you to all the cooks for such yummy looking items. Cooks were: Andy Gatchell, Chris Germain, Ellie Losee, Ulrike Welsch, Mike Bourgault, Marilyn Cloran, Denise Benavides, Mary Campagnolo, Barbara Rozavsky and Marilyn Cloran (yes a second dessert!!). The winner of the cook-off with the most tickets in their bag was Marilyn Cloran's Brownies. 2nd place winner went to Ulrike Welsch - just one ticket behind first place for her Lemon Bars.

Thank you to: Jake Mosser for putting the show together and making all the titles images, Pam Lintner and Rick Cloran as projectionists, Chris Germain, Barbara Rozavsky and Denise Benavides for taking care of the food, Dottie Beaudoin and John McGrath for the libations (buying & setting it up), Marilyn Cloran for handling all the aspects of the cook-off, the set up crew who set up the hall on the day before the competition: Ken Jordan, Peter Curcis, John McGrath, Philip Litch and Patrick Brosnan who set up for the Zoom presentation, and a very special thank you to Chris Germain who went to the club early and decorated it and then handled all the food set up and keeping the table stocked as well as the coffee pots and everyone who helped to tear it down and set it back up for the next regular meeting.

Pam Lintner
for Roving Reporter, Susan

Susan Mosser HonPSA, HonNEC
Program Chairman



2022 One Shot Images and Winners

Here are the categories, images submitted and maker names. Winning images are listed on the left side - the Men. Bummer. Again.


Winning Images are
on the left

Title Images by Jacob Mosser
MEN: Jake Mosser

WOMEN: Kathy Murphy
MEN: Harry Smith

WOMEN: Eileen Marino
MEN: Jim Gallagher

WOMEN: Catherine Doherty
WOMEN: Brenda Driscoll

MEN: Peter Curcis
WOMEN: Jen Meshna

MEN: Tom Day
MEN: Jim Brady

WOMEN: Carol Mills
WOMEN: Nina Taggart

MEN: Larry Lessard
MEN: David Kourtz

WOMEN: Alix Smullin


WOMEN: Pam Lintner
MEN: Mike McNeill
WOMEN: Ulrike Welsch

MEN: Patrick Brosnan
WOMEN: Linda Gould

MEN: Tony Hober
WOMEN: Gail Jenner
MEN: Greg Pronevitz
MEN: Bob Pelland

WOMEN: Tracy Bailer
MEN: Peter Miller
WOMEN: Debby Eskenazi
MEN: Gary Hoyt

WOMEN: Caroline Stella
MEN: Ken Jordan
WOMEN: Janice Koskey
WOMEN: Kathaleen Coelho

MEN: Tony Marino
WOMEN: Linda Coviello

MEN: Walter Losee
MEN: Skip Hoyt

WOMEN: Elaine Somers
WOMEN: Merle Gordon
MEN: Jack Holmes
MEN: Rick Cloran

WOMEN: Carol Cole
MEN: Joe Votano

WOMEN: Barbara Rozavsky
MEN: Andy Gatchell

WOMEN: Karen Hosking
WOMEN: Carolyn Livingston

MEN: Dana Patch
MEN: Frank Forward

WOMEN: Marilyn Cloran
WOMEN: Melissa Needle
MEN: Mike Bourgault
MEN: Mike Goodman
WOMEN: Tereza Pupeza
WOMEN: Chris Germain
MEN: Ron Morse
WOMEN: Amy Musinsky
MEN: Philip Litch