NECCC Competition

Entry deadline: June 19, 2021 - questions, email
Judging will be completed by July 2, 2021 without an audience.
Winning images and honor awards will be shown online at the
July 17, 2021 One-Day Seminar at 12:00 noon.

Medals Awarded:
Open Category: Best of Show, Best Creative, Best Landscape (the Edmund A. Woodle Award), Best Portrait (male or female), and Roslyn MacNish Memorial for Best Photojournalism

Nature Category: Best of Show, Best Wildlife, Best Bird (the Robert Strindberg Ornithology Memorial Award), Best Mammal in Action, and Best Botany

Entry Form

 Step 1: Verify/Check/Validate/Confirm image specifications  
 Maximum Image Width (horizontal) is 1400 pixels. 
 Maximum Image Height (vertical) is 1050 pixels. 
 Resolution must be at least 100. 
 Images MUST be JPEG files. 
 The sRGB color space is recommended. 
 File size can not exceed 2M, per file. 
 Step 2: Enter your personal information.  
 * Given name (first name)  Required  
 * Family name (last name)  Required 
  Camera Club   
 * Email   Required
 * Confirm email   Required
 Step 3: Type in image titles, and for appropriate category select the image file.  
  Each image title is limited to 45 characters. Please use only INITIAL capitals for each word. 
  Image title #1 

  Image title #2 

 Step 4: Validate your entry.
 Please be patient. It takes time to upload and validate . 
 At the end of a successful upload, the Step 5 page will be presented. 
  Use this to clear the form and start over. 

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