When, Where, and
Who to Contact

March 27, 2017

Images Due to Team Leaders:
Fri., March 3, 2017

Pick Nights:

Team Red Devils
Pam Lintner, Chairman
Tues., March 7 at 7:30 p.m.
Tues., March 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Team Black Diamonds
Bob Pizzano, Chairman

Wed., March 8 at 7:30 p.m.
Wed., March 15 at 7:30 p.m.


Coordinator: Jacob Mosser

Questions about the Smackdown Competition or would like to sign up?



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Smackdown 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Presentation Director: Jake Mosser
Equipment: Rick Cloran
Team Captains -
Team Red Red Devils: Pam Lintner, Chairman
Team Black Diamonds: Bob Pizzano, Chairman

Smackdown 2016-17 Categories

  1. Artistic
  2. Beach Scene
  3. Bicycle
  4. Bottles
  5. Dragonfly
  6. Feelings without Faces
  7. Fireworks
  8. Flag (s)
  9. Four
10. Graffiti-Street Art
11. HDR
12. Horse (s)
13. Musical Instrument

14. Purple
15. Roadside Litter
16. Snow Scene
17. Sports without a Ball
18. Stone Bridge
19. Store Window
20. Tail (s)
21. Tools
22. Victory
23. Wading Bird
24. Weathervane
25. Wildflower (s)

The Smackdown competition is one of the most popular events at GLPA. This friendly, fun, rowdy, but competitive contest started out for the first two or three years as men against the women photographers in the club. Then we had a couple of years of Canon verses Nikon. This year the teams will be chosen randomly with a deck of cards from the names of the club members who sign up.  This is the only night that seating is segregated. Each team must sit on their own side of the room. Cheering and showing support for your team is mandatory! We will also serve refreshments that night and a little libation that night.

There are twenty-five categories of images for the contest. Each team will submit one image per category in the final judging. On the night of the competition two judges will be shown both images for each category and will be asked to agree on which one is best. The team with the most winning images wins the Smackdown contest, gets to have the trophy displayed for the year with their winning brand on it and earns bragging rights for the year.

You do not have to send in images for all the categories. You can send in for only one category if that is all you have in your portfolio that fits the category theme. Go through your digital images to find photographs that best fit the categories. A complete list of the categories can be found below.
All entries must be digital and formatted as you would for digital competition. Identify your images with a category and your name and make sure they are sized correctly, 1024 x 768.  Names will not be presented to the judges until after the images have been judged. Members of each team will meet two times before the competition to select their best images.

Our judges are full of humor and old jokes, both sworn to secrecy and too rich to be bribed or they wish they were! Join us for one of the most fun nights we have at GLPA each year. Come, let your hair down, make a little noise, and yell for your team. Even if you didn't submit images it's still a great night of fun. Just yell for your gender and don’t forget to bring some extra cash for the special Cook-Off raffle!

Smackdown 2016


The Smackdown Images and Winners 2016:

Here are the categories, images submitted and maker names. Winning images are listed on the left side - the men's side :(

Competitors and images from the 2016 competition (Men vs Women) follow:

  25 Categories
Winning Images are on the left
Title Images by Jacob Mosser
Maker: Sue Conley
Maker: Richard Matthias
Maker: Pam Lintner
Maker: Richard Matthias
Maker: Gary Hoyt
Maker: Judy Burgess
Maker: Gregg Mazzotta
Maker: Melissa Fraser
Maker: Richard Cloran
Maker: Ulrike Welsch
Maker: Kenneth Carlson
Maker: Elaine Somers
Maker: Jacob Mosser
Maker: Kilmer Sweazy
Maker: Robert Ring
Maker: Melissa Fraser
Maker: Marilyn Cloran
Maker: Albert Mailloux
Maker: Richard Cloran
Maker: Helen Jesionowski
Maker: Brenda Driscoll
Maker: Kenneth Carlson


Maker: Leslie Mattuchio
Maker: Robert Ring
Maker: Marilyn Cloran
Maker: Jacob Mosser


Maker: Karen Choi
Maker: Harry Smith
Maker: Caroline Stella
Maker: Gregg Mazzotta
Maker: Peter Curcis
Maker: Marie Pelletier
Maker: Skip Hoyt
Maker: Joyce Mosher
Maker: Gary Hoyt
Maker: Dana Hoffman
Maker: Robert Pizzano
Maker: Brenda Driscoll
Maker: Andrew Katsampes
Maker: Judy Burgess
Maker: Greg Pronevitz
Maker: Elaine Somers
Maker: Robert Pizzano
Maker: Sue Conley
Maker: Skip Hoyt
Maker: Debby Eskenazi
Maker: Fran MacDonald
Maker: Caroline Stella
Maker: Albert Mailloux
Maker: Pat Haney