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NECCC Model Photo Competition Page 2 of 2 July 15, 2018

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NECCC Model Competition guidelines

1. You may only submit one (1) image per model.
2. Images sized within 1024 x 768.
For horizontal composition, set width to 1024 pixels and height will adjust automatically.
For vertical composition, set height to 768 pixels and width will adjust automatically.
3. JPG format only and image file size smaller than 1000KB.
4. sRGB color space recommended for best projection.
5. Firm deadline is Monday, October 8, 2018.

Models Mimi Thermidor through Angela Zullo. Models presented in alphabetical order. If the model you seek is not on this page, please use the first link. Models Carsley-Tefft


Mimi Thermidor

Anastacia Williamson

Angela Zullo