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Members News

Reminder: March prints due.

Photographing National Parks by Chris Nicholson
Chris gave a very informative and inspiring talk on Monday, February 5 about photographing in our national parks. He has given us permission to put his notes up on our website for a short time. Visit How To's to read these notes.

Super Bowl Social
A new social this year was a Super Bowl party! The Saturday before the actual event, we had cocktails (beer and wine), dinner, and dessert. We cheered our team on with some fun videos of past championships and some other funny videos. The hall was decorated with our team paraphenalia. We all had a good time, but, alas and alack, our beloved Patriots just couldn't quite pull it off. It saddened us all, but there's always next year!!!

And while you are on the Socials page, scroll down and checkout the recap of the 2017 Halloween party. It was great fun! Visit Socials to get details and sign up.

One Shot Competition - Images Due February 26, 2018
Category assignments were made on November 20 to be a part of this new night. All the makers will need to come up with is one image for one specific category for which they were assigned. They will each select their own image and send it in. It's up to them to make sure it meets their category. Makers: Please remember that your images are due to Jake Mosser by Monday, February 26. Visit One Shot to get details and read about the famous Dessert Cook Off Raffle that same evening.

Food Bank Collection
We look forward to your continued generosity at the collection which will take place on March 26, 2018. The Food Bank coordinator is always extremely grateful for the huge donation.

Traditional Still Life Photography by Charles Batchelder
Charles Batchelder gave a great program at the club on Monday, November 27. He had handouts of notes, but if you didn't get one, he has allowed us to put a copy up on the website. Thanks Charles! Visit How To's to read these notes.

Rendering for Impact by Jim Christensen
Jim Christensen will be speaking at the club on Monday, November 6 on Rendering for Impact. Jim has shared some step by step instructions on one of the images he will demonstrate on Monday. Visit How To's to read these notes.

Using Hue, Saturation and Luminosity by Ken Carlson
Ken Carlson has provided his notes regarding the talk he gave at the club on October 9. Visit How To's to read these notes.

NECCC Conference 2018
It is never too early to start planning to attend the annual NECCC conference. If you have not attended one of these conferences, you will thoroughly enjoy it. The Conference for 2018 will be held July 13-15, 2018 at UMass Amherst. This is a great 3-day weekend full of programs, vendors and comraderie. Please view this short video from the 2016 conference NECCC Video 2016. Visit NECCC to get info and the published Bulletin.

Creative Group
Karen Choi will be unable to lead the two seasons of the Creative Group scheduled for October and February. Instead Amy Musinsky will lead those evenings in a new format. Visit Creative Group to read about the new format.

Field Trips
We will have other field trips planned for the upcoming year, visit Field Trips to get more information about these field trips as they are scheduled. The Field Trips page has the sign up using online registration which you need to do.

Digital Competitions
Please note these three items:
1. Due to travel plans, the November competition due date for images is on or before Thursday October 26th.
2. There is a new rule in the Rules of Competition. Please read under the nature category that Nature will now be split into two groups - birds and other.
3. Due to a speaker's schedule,
the March competition will be on the last Monday of the month.
Visit Rules of Competition to read about this change.

Print Competitions
Please note these two items:
1. The themes for this year's three-theme competitions will be
November - Broke & Busted; February - Signs; and April - Patterns.
2. Due to a speaker's schedule,
the March competition will be on the third Monday of the month.
Visit Rules of Competition to read about this change.

Images from Recent Socials
Check out images taken at the recent Halloween party and the Holiday Banquet. Thanks to Tony Marino and Mike Burke for documenting fun evenings. Visit Socials to look at the images.